Monday, February 9, 2015

What to do When You Have Stretched Passed Your Limit?

I am most definitely stretched passed my limit.

I've over-extended myself, over-spent my energy and over-reached my boundaries in order to try to make life perfect....and what came as a result? I'm past the point of exhaustion and (spoiler alert) life didn't end up perfect after all :)

At this point it is time for a total life recharge: take care of myself
  • Turning down social invitations when I feel the need to catch up on sleep
  • Indulging in some wonderfully entertaining TV programming
  • Picked up a bottle of body wash that says "indugle" so I thought I would. 
  • To start to fight back my own image of myself as a rundown 35 year old living inside a haggard, worn-out 85 year old body, I invested in 2 key 'beautifiers':
    1. The Clairsonic skin cleaning brush. My skin as never felt so soft and looked so shiny! It took years off instantly!
    2. A fancy new hairdryer which hasn't arrived yet so I can't remember the name nor give an honest review, but I am sure it will yield Jennifer Aniston-level style
I have a lot of overextending, overspending, and overreaching to heal. It will take some time. So going forward, I learned a few key lessons to try and prevent passing my limit:
  • Ask for a break as soon as I need it - don't wait until it is dire
  • Take care of myself as a priority, not only as a remedy
  • Change internal dialogue to be positive - because life is perfectly imperfect
  • Laugh WAY more often
  • Move out of the way of the storm of those who will take what you have and leave you feeling empty 
  • Recognize joy in small moments

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