Monday, October 12, 2015

Avoiding a dating hangover.

Cognitively I realize that meeting someone ends one of two ways: you end up married (or committed together) or you don't.  Nonetheless, it didn't work out with the 'almost dating' tennis player. He swept me off my feet when I first met him, but when he returned to the daily grind, he was all 'take' and no 'give'. Although I enjoy his company very much, I don't want a fun weekend here and there when it is convenient, I want more...I want it all. So I told him it felt more like a friends thing because it seemed that we were on two different pages.

It is so hard to stand up for what you want in the long run, when in the short run a romantic date would be awesome. It's a bit like deciding to take a shot when you are out - you know it will make for a fun night...but it's going to hurt after.  How often do you find yourself saying "So glad I did that shot!" - usually it is "I wish I hadn't done that"  So in the spirit of avoiding any dating hangovers, I've closed this chapter and am looking forward to a new one starting.

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