Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Hello, my name is Diana and I’m a Tinderaholic. I admit it. I’m addicted!  Tinder is so fun. While I’m perplexed at why I’m matched with every guy (a bit of research revealed that a lot of guys indiscriminately “swipe right” to match with as many girls as possible and then worry about the rest later), it is really fun having the ease of texting new people without the intensity of drafting an entire email or the infringement of constant text noises and notifications on the phone (all I see is the badge app icon showing how many new messages I have - look! I have one now!)

I scheduled 2 days for Memorial Day. One from Tinder and one from Plenty of Fish. Unfortunately, both postponed, and for legit reasons. I think the one will reschedule. The other may not - he postponed for a family emergency and I’m not sure that he will be up for meeting a stranger for drinks while dealing with a pretty difficult situation.  Either way, it was nice to meet two people who refrained from saying anything creepy and have shown the utmost courtesy!  I also have one other potential Tinder date for this week, though no day/time has been set. Wonder Woman’s rule #56 of dating: It’s not a date until he asks and a date/time is set.  (you may even not consider it a date until a location is set, but I consider it a date if it is blocked off in my calendar).

The best part of the whole weekend is that because the two dates were postponed, I spent the entire day on Memorial Day alone. And I was content! I really enjoyed the peace of being alone. The time I’ve invested in becoming comfortable being by myself is really paying off. Dating truly is ‘Just an F***ing Date’...more to come on that topic.

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