Monday, September 24, 2012

Constant Conflict versus Constructive Cooperation

I finally watched Bill Clinton’s speech from the DNC.  No, this post is not about politics since the human experience is shared and common.  Instead, this is about the theme he introduced of ‘constant conflict versus constructive cooperation’.

I’ve heard many bitter divorce stories. Three years to finalize a divorce with no kids, no contact with kids for weeks on end as nasty custody dispute is worked out, shirking from financial responsibility because of concern for one’s own bank account rather than the welfare and opportunities made available to a child.  I am convinced my divorce was one of the quickest and probably easiest, given the situation of a 10 week old infant mixed with an extra-marital affair. Breeding ground for hatred, for blame, for constant conflict.

However, in looking to the future, I am convinced that constructive cooperation is the only way forward.  I wish the other parting couples would do the same. No amount of bitter disagreement will ease the pain. No amount of money will be retribution or make a wrong right. It is what it is.

So as I watch the country struggle over money, disagree over values, and spout convincing arguments to pull opinions one way or another, I can only hope that as a broader population we see that constant conflict will only result in delayed pain and prolonged suspension of angst whereas construction cooperation helps to heal and move forward.

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