Monday, September 10, 2012


I went to the beach with my family (mom, dad, dad’s girlfriend, Grace and our dog) for a week. It was an episode straight out of Modern Family. One thing I learned: family vacations are about spending time with family, not having fun!  LOL  It was an ok week but after Grace playtime nonstop for 7 straight days, I was ready for my own vacation upon returning home.  Exhausting!

Once home and unpacked, I met up with The Runner.  A lovely dinner, two games of shuffleboard and an episode of Breaking Bad later, I was content and smiling.  Somehow The Runner has that effect on me - content. The minute he is around, worries melt away and everything seems right with the world. We spent the rest of the weekend together until Monday morning when the reality of work finally hit for both of us.  

Here was the weekend highlight: As we were driving home from New Hope, a trendy town further outside of Philadelphia, there was a Little Tikes slide being put out by a family no longer needing it. I’ve been looking/waiting to buy this slide all summer but haven’t gotten to many yard sales as much of my saturday mornings were spent at the beach.  After mentioning this to the Runner, he promptly hits the brakes, pulled a U-turn, hopped out and with tools from his ever present, very large tool bag (for work), he disassembled the slide and put it in his car.  It was hot. Sweet guy, tools, solving a problem without breaking a sweat. I was swooning. When we got home, he quickly reassembled it in my backyard and I had to stop myself from gushing “my hero”!  All of this and I didn’t even ask him to do it, he just did it upon hearing my desire to acquire this slide for my daughter.  Need I say more?

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m fighting the urge to share with you all of the wonderful attributes that the runner has.  The many ways that his solid heart, values and smarts shine through in daily situations.  The many ways his flawless runner’s body makes a girl drool :)  But I’ll refrain.  For now, I’m still fighting the instant anxiety that encroaches the minute something good enters my life. The fear that it is not real, will not last and will go away. But rather than waste a good feeling by turning it into fear, I’m fighting hard to stay in the present and appreciate every content moment, standing quiet and still, smiling.

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