Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"No Fear"

One common thread I have heard among girls is once they decide they like a guy, they suddenly get very nervous (and frequently downright insecure) and wonder if he likes them back. This sounds basic, but a girl can go for many, many dates and only feel so-so about someone so it’s worry-free.  And then all of the sudden it hits, the girl realizes she likes the guy and now it is game on.

Up until now I’ve considered The Runner a very nice guy. But as we passed date #4, I upgraded him from very nice guy to pretty awesome.  Before I thought each text was a nice gesture and suddenly I’m wondering if he’s texting less. Before I knew he was into me and suddenly I’m wondering if he really is into me?  

This phenomenon of the tables turning seems to be a commonly shared neurosis among many girls.  Perhaps because starting to like someone makes you vulnerable.  When you are so-so you aren’t investing enough to get hurt. But when you start to invest, you suddenly have something to lose, and that is scary.

Last night my friends and I saw Madonna.  The 54 year old wonder revealed her incredibly perky rear end in a sexy black thong and informed the crowd that sometimes “it is easier to show you a$$ than your feelings” and revealed the words “No Fear” inked on her back.  At that moment I thought “duh”, but after a good night’s rest without someone screaming their undying love for this ageless icon in my ear, I realized that is exactly the truth.

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