Monday, August 13, 2012

Week in review

Unlike the rollercoaster of the last few weeks, the past week has been relatively uneventful.  I enjoyed a very fun weekend at the shore, hanging out with old friends and new.  You know, the usual stuff, drinks at happy hour followed by everyone raiding a housemate's dresser, putting on all of this clothes, from underwear on up, and then participating in a photoshoot involving a glow in the dark condom.  Yup, pretty much a mundane scene :)

Other weekend antics include:
Meeting the former “Hot Housemate”’s pseudo girlfriend. You know, the one he professes to have no feelings for, yet her FB photo is of thetwo2 of them.

Seeing Hot Hair guy from last year’s ex girlfriend, whom I have solid reason to believe he is now reconciling with. Which means we will not be hanging out anymore.  She was very good looking which prompted a slightly inebriated text of “saw your gf at hh - she’s hot - nice work!”.  In hindsight, I should have just sent a text making fun of the hot pink tank top he wore to HH.  It’s hard to even admit that I have hung out with someone who wears hot pink tank tops in public (or private for that matter).

Drinks with a very nice guy who we’ll call Triathlete. He sent nice/cute emails over FB last week and is a gentleman for sure. However, he’s “GU” - geographically undesirable. He lives in Jersey.

Yesterday was spent in the company of Grace, who was identified as “Miss Congeniality” by the woman at the supermarket. I was feeling so proud of this high compliment until she followed it with “better be careful, you never know what kind of people are out there”.  Ok, that kills that. Grace, please refrain from acknowledging strangers anymore!

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