Monday, August 27, 2012

The Runner: Date #3

I hung out with the Runner again last Thursday night. We played Putt Putt and grabbed something to eat/drink. I finally told him about my ex and the overview of what happened that lead to the divorce and the single mom situation. He listened intently as I fretted that I sounded like someone off of Jerry Springer with this crazy tale!  The next day he emailed to thank you for sharing the experience, as it allows him to get to know me better. Very sweet.  Very happy to be past that, it felt like the pink elephant in the room.

While we were on the topic of ex’s/long term relationships, he mentioned that his ex ‘went to London’ and I thought ‘oh that’s nice, I’ve been there’ until it clicked - she went to London to run in the Olympics!!  I put on my most confident (and poker face) smile and acted like that was lovely for her but not biggie in my world. Though, I did quickly ask if he’s only dated runners in the past (answer being no, much to my relief!).

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