Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Candy Crush Saga Saved My Life

Each time I've felt a low point this summer (see yesterday's post below if you want a good example), I have picked up my iPhone and returned to my place in the land of Candy Crush Saga. If you haven't yet played, save yourself thousands of dollars at a therapist and practice near-meditation mindfulness, as you become completely absorbed in crushing the candies, rewarded by the fulfilling crunch sound they make as they crush together and disappear from the screen. No matter what strife I am feeling, from a bad boss to a bad date to a friend who callously hurt me and never looked back -- it all takes a backseat when the priorities of 'clear all the jelly' or 'bring all the fruit to the bottom' enter the scene (though a great game, not great on grammar).

It is guaranteed that my pulse slows and blood pressure drops when I start playing. And if I clear a level - the feeling of achievement soars within me and I'm ready to return to face whatever perils lie before me.

Stay sane. Save a life.  Play Candy Crush Saga.

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