Monday, September 16, 2013

Match Date: Soup Guy

I went on a match date with a guy who works for a well-known soup company, to be named “Soup Guy”.  I agreed to meet him in the city, though on the way there, I  realized the last few dates I’ve bailed after 30 minutes so driving into the city is quite an effort for a potentially short evening. I arrived at the destination to find he picked a bar that a co-worker owns that was cute and hip in Old City. He informed me that he brought milano cookies for me, but due to the 90+ degree heat that day, they melted into a chocolatey mess and so he decided it may not be a great gift to give.  Cookies? He brought me cookies?  Nice move!

We had a very easy, nice conversation. Actually, I was so comfortable that I a) rambled and b) rambled about Grace. It’s fairly common that I awkwardly ramble on the first date but I try to save the kid gushing for a little further in. To make it more awkward, Grace hasn’t been sleeping so her father called me because she was crying and wanted to talk to mommy. I got up from the table and soothed her from the corner of the bar/restaurant and then had to explain that was honestly the first time I’ve gotten a call like that.  While I was busy apologizing, I didn’t stop to think that if I was out with someone and their kid called, I would expect them to take it and would question their priorities if they let the call go to voicemail!

After the date, I wasn’t sure if he wanted to go out with me again (due to rambling and kid gushing). But..I had decided that I would agree, if he were to ask. The truth is, I’m not sure what I think about him, but this is the first date where I didn’t run after 30 minutes and he was easy to talk to and thoughtful and those reasons all deserve a second date.

I texted the next day to thank him for dinner and drinks and he promptly wrote back and asked me out again.  More to come after date #2 this Friday.

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