Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday day!

I am lying in a bed in Denver because I have to attend a conference for work. I'm jittery with anticipation, the same excitement that you feel when you are 5 and you wake up and realize it's your birthday! Anticipation for another year and all of the new things that are to come. Anticipation for turning a new, blank page, knowing you can be whoever you want to be now that you've hit this new milestone.  I'm 35 today.  Sometimes I feel 85 and sometimes I still feel 25. But whatever the number may be, I am optimistic and the year ahead and continuing down this beautiful path that I have found and call my own, surrounded by infinite love from amazing friends and family. I plan to revisit my 35th birthday manifesto ( often so I never forget to soak in all of the beauty that surrounds. 

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