Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Karma Police

After experience firsthand the recklessness with which people are treating each other in the era of match.com, I decided to enforce a little karma police on some egregious offenders.

Offender #1: A single dad who emailed me from match.com for weeks, asked me out & for my number and texted for another week – and then dropped off the radar, never to be heard from again.

Offender #2: A guy I met in the bar who texted for 2 weeks, asked for my instagram name, and then dropped off my radar after seeing the no make up pictures of me and plenty of shots of Grace.

I thought it was important that they know there is an actual person with feelings on the other end of their thoughtless behavior in hopes that next time are about to treat someone as if they don’t really exist, maybe they will pause and consider acting differently. 

I told Offender #1 that asking someone out and then dropping off was a hurtful thing to do and in the age of match.com, perhaps treating someone like a convenience is standard but I hope not and that we all continue to treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.
Response: None.
My thoughts: I feel bad for his baby’s momma and any women who meet him going forward.

For Offender #2, I asked if it was seeing pictures of me without make up or pictures of my kid that caused the drop and noted it is pretty sucky to give someone a window into your life, only to never hear from them again.
Response: He said it wasn’t that case at all and he was just busy with work. 
My thoughts: Maybe, but it was awfully funny timing! Either way, it was nice to receive an acknowledgement.

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