Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't hold it against me...

One of the harder things about being a single mom is the time after Grace goes to bed, when the house is silent, I’m exhausted and yet yearning for some type of adult interaction.  In the last year this time has been filled with text messages flying back and forth with various guys, which has filled the void that is felt most in those weekday nights. However, since implementing much higher standards of whom I’ll spend my time with, I find myself guy-less and those evenings are deafeningly silent.

So...(please hold your sighs of disappointment until the end)...I reached out to The Dad (aka the Ditcher) and sent a short email saying I was starting to read Hunger Games 2, thought of him and was chuckling at how fast that crashed and burned.

I’m sure there is a collective thought of “why” that you are asking right now.  After a very dull date with someone online (total dull date count = 4 guys), I realized that the Dad is the first person I’d met in a while who was stimulating, sane, and somewhat attractive. While I realize he is not suitable dating material, perhaps it isn’t worth completely shutting him out at a time when I just need a little attention and someone to buy a few drinks :)  So I turned the tables, so to speak, after a year of many guys using my attention and taking without giving, I think it is time I ‘use’ a little - get a little attention that is much needed for a mom who is feeling blah and drab.

If you are wondering what happened next, he replied with apologies on a few accounts of that evening and we’ve exchanged one email a day since (but nothing with future plans). Even with that, it is nice to be thought of once a day and I am keenly aware that it’s not going anyway, but I’ll take my one email a day to break the silence.

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