Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ditched Part 2: Retribution

The day following the Ditch, I decided it is not fair for someone to act such little respect for another person’s time and feelings.  This has happened repeatedly over the course of my year-long dating career. Guys so focused on themselves, they inadvertently (or maybe even intentionally) hurt others in the course of doing what feels good in the moment to them.

I decided to call out The Dad on his poor behavior and politely requested an apology.  I wanted a symbolic apology for all who have carelessly hurt someone else and moved on without pausing to take accountability for their actions and issue a justly-deserved apology.  All too often girls think ‘this one’s a jerk time to move on’. But I personally think that just allows jerk to continue with the same jerky behavior because they are never held accountable.

Apology I asked for ("Perhaps the word you are looking for starts with S and has four letters than follow"), and apology I received: in the form of a singular text saying “
Hey - been a very busy couple of days with family/friends. Sorry I didn’t communicate better last night about the locale of the little get together. I’ll follow up with you later”.  And that was the last I’ve heard from him.  On the plus side, an apology was issued!  On the downside, it was pretty lame (obviously).

Score one point for me! (and hopefully this particular guy will never do this again to another woman)!

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