Monday, May 7, 2012


Yesterday a few friends and I ran the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia (the nation’s largest 10 mile race).  I felt underprepared for the race, after having only trained 1 day a week due to conflicting schedules, weather, etc.  On race morning my friends and I were all nerves. After the gun went off, we started the run and I was pretty nervous the first few miles - ‘can I keep this pace up?’, ‘will my knee start acting up?’, ‘why is my stomach growling when I just started running!?’.

I knew Grace was waiting for me at 5.5 miles and as soon as I saw her, I was filled with new energy and knew I was running this race for her. Showing her that life’s circumstances don’t dictate who you are, you control what defines you.  I had more energy as each mile past and picked up speed until finally I crossed the finish line in a record time for myself. I felt great - knowing I made it through - all that of the challenges of the last 19 months - I came out stronger, literally!!

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