Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New - Part 1

Wow, when I said it felt like going on the Real World by entering the beach house, I didn’t know how right I was!  My housemates are awesome. All down to earth, very fun, very good people. I had an absolutely blast this weekend. But, as with all ‘new’ experiences, a whole host of new characters have emerged.  For the sake of timing, I’ll introduce them separately. Let’s start with ‘Out with the Old’ for part 1.

Several friends already know this, but there is a tall, dark and very handsome guy that I saw last year at the same shore bar as I frequented this weekend.  After that, I saw him 3 times in the city, most recently the night of my birthday at the bar where a few friends got together. After staring at him the entire night, convinced we were bound for marriage, I failed to squeak even the smallest ‘hi’ to introduce myself.  So, my friends made me agree that, should I ever ‘run into him’ again, I had to introduce myself.

I saw him again on Saturday at Happy Hour. After a couple of drinks and hearing my friends voices echoing through my head, I pushed my shoulders back, held my head up high and walked right over to him and said ‘Hi, I’m Diana, and I’ve seen you everywhere!”  WHAT?? That was the opening line that came out?? I sounded like stalker. So in effort to make it sound less creepy, I proceeded to list where I saw him!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  He very quickly blew his tipsy stalker off and I went back to my group of friends, ego deflated.

Nonetheless, after my housemates got a good chuckle out of my creepy introduction, I decided that if I saw tall, dark and handsome again at the bar that night, I would fix my creepy persona and let him know exactly how awesome I am.

And I did see him...as I led off with “I didn’t mean to sound creepy earlier, I’m just not that smooth” (because claiming not to be creepy is the best way to prove you are, in fact, not creepy), he very kindly introduced me to his girlfriend, the cute blonde standing next to him!  Record book humiliation!  If it wasn’t so laughable, I’d probably feel awful but after a year of build up, it couldn’t have unfolded in a more awkward & ridiculous manner. Time to close the books to tall, dark and handsome!

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