Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer Kick-off Countdown

The summer is about to kick off in a matter of days and things have been nicely wrapped up as spring passed and I’m ready for the next season.  No attachment to boys, no one spinning my head in circles.  Friends have moved on to new ventures (voluntary or not) and work environment has changed (although not for the better).  So much change for a season that is infamous for change.  And now summer is about to start...infamous for heat, for passion and fun!

This year I went in on a half share in a shore house which means I have my own dedicated bed every other weekend throughout the summer. I share the room with 2 roommates.  The house is filled with 15 young professionals total.  I don’t know anyone well in the rest of the house so it feels a bit like entering the Real World house - who are the roommates? Who are the hot guys? Who are the annoying drunks? And how am I going to feed myself among all of these people?  (ok, I’m pretty sure the Real World cast never worried about how they were going to get fed, however this is a perpetual concern of mine!)

So I am walking into a new house with new people, completely carefree, unencumbered from attachment, past baggage or expectation.  Just me, the heat of the summer and a lot of crazy people!

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