Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's New?

I leave for the beach house tomorrow.  A new experience.  Just like everything else that has unfolded in the last year & a half that helped to shape Wonder  Little Buddha shared the following with me as we were discussing the anxieties that come with something new when you associate it with stress change, rather than counting the blessings that come with something new when you associate it with opportunity.

adj. new·er, new·est
1. Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent: a new law.
a. Still fresh: a new coat of paint.
b. Never used or worn before now: a new car; a new hat.
3. Just found, discovered, or learned: new information.
4. Not previously experienced or encountered; novel or unfamiliar: ideas new to her.
5. Different from the former or the old: the new morality.
6. Recently obtained or acquired: new political power; new money.
7. Additional; further: new sources of energy.
8. Recently arrived or established in a place, position, or relationship: new neighbors; a new president.
9. Changed for the better; rejuvenated: The nap has made a new person of me.
10. Being the later or latest in a sequence: a new edition.
11. Currently fashionable: a new dance.
12. New In the most recent form, period, or development.
13. Inexperienced or unaccustomed: new at the job; new to the trials of parenthood.

I’m not the only one facing something new as we enter into the holiday weekend. Many of my friends are beginning a new chapter in their life, whether it be a new job, new baby, new marriage, etc.  I hope as we each move forward into the new season we consider all of the definitions of new and leave the anxiety-causing, change-objecting stress behind.

What is ‘new’ with you?

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