Thursday, June 7, 2012

Facing Forward

Last night I hung out with The Model that I met at the shore over Memorial Day weekend. Totally a random, spontaneous get together with drinks flowing and tons of fun.  He’s sharp, hot and funny. Challenging in a conversation, very intriguing.  Though we have fun hanging out, it’s not going to go anywhere. He’s not looking for a relationship and I am not really interested in dating him seriously anyway. Somehow with the removal of any expectations, it makes him the perfect summer fling!!

I’m headed back to the shore house this weekend. Only the Hot Roommate who I am still crushing on won’t be there and The Model won’t be I found myself tempted to invite the Twinkie to come down for a night. Until I remembered (thanks for Hot Hair friend) that that is an absolutely awful idea!!  It’s time to face forward.  No more wasting time with guys who will go in a circle and amount to nothing. Summer fling is great because there are no expectations from the beginning so not hurt feelings (and should there be hurt feelings, the fling would come to a rapid end). But with Twinkie or any other guy from the past, there are already feelings and some amount of expectations attached and not only would it likely result in hurt feelings but it would also take away from valuable time of meeting new people (friends or otherwise!)  So back to the shore I go....a brave new world.

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