Monday, July 9, 2012

Fill 'Er Up!

This weekend marked my 2nd non-wedding anniversary. I surrounded myself with sun, sand and friends for the weekend but even that wasn’t enough to stave off of the emotional tidal wave that accompanies a date that once held such importance.  Every divorced person in my beach house (which turns out to be a total of 4, 2 whom I previously did not know about) talked with me about their experience and essentially said that the only thing that makes it better is time.  One girl shared with me that the void that is felt can not be filled by boys or activities or anything else, it is still there when you wake up the next day, but time will slowly fill it and one day it will no longer be there. So I decided to buy a large glass container and begin to fill it with pebbles from each place that a new and loving memory is made. For example, a pebble from the beach house for my friends there. A pebble from the zoo from a fun afternoon with Grace. Eventually my empty container will be filled with new, wonderful memories. And I hope by then, so will the void.

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