Monday, July 23, 2012


It’s a date - score!  While the most excellent plan to snag a DJ did not pan out as expected (as least not yet), I met a very nice guy at the shore this weekend. He seems solid, nice, smart, educated, gainfully employed, and most of all not-self-absorbed. He showed evidence of considering others feelings. A notion that I almost didn’t recognize in practice, as it’s been so long since I’ve seen that from a guy!  haha  Oh and he’s in his 30’s - legit!  Drinks tomorrow night. We’ll see how it goes!

Closing out other news:
The Model - the Model has held true to the stereotypical notion of models historically - self absorbed. His actions have indicated he’s only interested in what he wants. Though he said multiple times he would like to be friends, he doesn’t really act that way and so this hereby closes the chapter on The Model.

The Housemate Crush:
After explaining the consequences of his actions to him a few weeks ago, we exchange email pleasantries where he thanked me for telling him what had happened from my view and said it gave him a lot to think about in terms of how transparent he is with girls about his intentions from the beginning. Perhaps it will save a naive girl somewhere from a disappointment.

Hot Hair:
Making a strong comeback from the summer of ‘11, I have been hanging out with Hot Hair pretty much once a weekend at the shore.  He’s lots of fun but no real potential there. Unbelievably, his hair has gotten even hotter since last year :)

My efforts of boy simplification seem to be paying off and overall am feeling quite content right about now.  Although it could be my nightly al fresco dining with Grace followed by our long walks together...bliss.

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