Monday, July 9, 2012

Playa's Gonna Play

After two weeks of feeling rather foolish and humiliated at my lack of common sense and naivety when it came to the beach house Crush hook-up, I finally took the opportunity to sit down with him and let him know that I was hurt. From the lack of communication (not even a text?!?) to being treated like I was just ‘some girl’ that he picked up at the shore.  He restated that he is not boyfriend material and I reminded him that I never asked for a boyfriend, I asked for one date. And I did not understand why he took it further when I made my intentions clear.  He apologized profusely and said he thought we were on the same page with ‘fun’ and I assured him we were not and as a result it was embarrassing and painful as I had to watch him bring another girl home the night of my wedding anniversary.  He said that he hoped he hadn’t ruined my summer to which I replied “don’t give yourself that much credit!” and explained I was only letting him know because sometimes the person on the other side has feelings that are hurt when taken for granted and in this case, I’m not as tough as the other girls may be and I felt taken advantage of. When the conversation ended, I felt a huge weight lift because I stood up for myself rather than sucking down the humiliation for the rest of the summer.

On a happier, and much of a long shot note, I met a really nice, funny guy at the shore & it turns out we have mutual friends. Our mutual friend was gushing over what a truly nice guy he is and she is currently working to see if she can make the connection.  

For the immediate future though, I am fully enthralled with the beginning of the final season of the Closer. I've been watching 1 - 2 episodes before bed each night and find it to be a blissful escape.  I highly recommend tuning in!

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