Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Getting Out of the Path of the Storm

I am proud to say that this weekend I exercised the advice to get out of the path of the storm - not once, but twice!

After going out with the Hip Dad, I knew I wasn’t much interested but decided there must be something wrong with me because he is a ‘nice guy’ with similar interests, therefore I should be interested in him. I had hoped a stronger interest and associated attraction would develop as we starting getting to know each other, but after not hearing from him except to schedule and then execute planning phone calls for a second date, the lack of interest became even less until I realized the stark truth: He may be a nice guy but he is not a match for me. I nicely let him know that I think he’s a great guy but I don’t feel this is a match and don’t want to take up his time, concluding with wishing him the best of luck in his search.  He responded and said he understood and asked to be friends (a great response!)  
Lesson learned: Just because a guy is ‘nice’ doesn’t mean he is a match.

Also, over the weekend I had a run in with the Boy on the Street. After somewhat blowing me off the first time he saw me, he stopped and chatted for a few minutes the second time he saw me. He followed that with a few short text messages indicating he had returned to his room at his shore house and said “you know where to find me”.  WTF!?!  If that is an invitation, it is hands down the most inappropriate and lamest ever.  I politely declined, citing that I would prefer an invitation for a drink before a late night invitation to someone’s house.  He said ‘ok fair enough’ and I never heard from him again.  
Lesson learned: Don’t waste time on a bad guy.

Overall, the weekend was a win! I’m patting myself on the back for making two great decisions by being true to myself. And by doing so, an amazing thing happened - in both situations, I instantly felt lighter and happier!  As synchronicity would have it, Gretchen Rubin posted a similar sentiment on her Happiness Project blog this week, “Secret of Adulthood: It’s Easier to Prevent Pain Than to Squelch It.”

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