Monday, August 12, 2013

The art of drunk texting and other nuggets of wisdom from girl’s night

I hit the town with Buen Maestra on Saturday night to visit a few of Philly’s hot spots and see who was out and about.  After our second drink (which constitutes downright tipsy for me), we decided it would be a good idea for her to text a guy who she hasn’t heard from in a while, but would like to reconnect with.  After a meeting of our minds, we came up with a short text that was an open question with limited punctuation “Hey hot stuff how are you?”, our inebriated reasoning being that 1) it needs to be a text that elicits a response 2) including the comma after the greeting and before the question would show too much thought 3) the question mark at the end was imperative to ensure it didn’t come off as thoughtless. Well, in the moment it seemed genius. In reality, unfortunately, it did not receive a response (yet).

During the same evening, I spotted a very cute boy across the bar. As he went to the bar to get another drink, I summoned my inner courage and walked up to order my water, casually mentioning to him that the beer I just had was a great selection. This opened the door and he said it was a great beer and offered to buy me one!  Jackpot, I thought, I hooked a boy!  Except after the beer came and we exchanged a quick cheers, he walked away to return to his small group of friends who had obviously come together for some sort of reunion.

While we “occupied” his group of friends (stood close enough to promote casual contact if he walked by), Buen Maestra spied to give me the play by play. Unfortunately, shortly after that the group decided to leave and in a last ditch, semi-desperate, semi-tired-of-missing-potential-opportunities, I tapped his friend on the shoulder and inquired if he was single (yes) and asked if I could give her my number to give to him (yes).  I typed my number into her phone and crossed my mental fingers that he would get in touch.

Yet again, this was a genius plan in my head at the time, but yet again, it failed to bring about the desired result - no text from the cute boy. Oh well...I am glad that I ‘put myself out there’, but at the same time I need a little time to recoup and lick my wounds because ‘putting oneself out there’ takes an enormous amount of energy and bravery and it takes some time to build those levels back up again!

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