Thursday, August 1, 2013

You Aren’t Strong than the Storm, but You Can Move Out of Its Path

A response to yesterday’s blog post “Why am I chasing the Unavailable guy and running from the Available guy?” from Little Buddha:

I see challenge written all over this.  And, I don’t see anything wrong with a challenge.  Challenges always teach you something.  However, the boy challenges that you go after seem to be on the “destined to be energy suckers” challenges.  Even though Hip Dad doesn’t pose a challenge right up front, it doesn’t mean they are not there.  Ride it out and have a little fun with it.  Boy on the Street, well, I’m sure he can find someone else to suck the energy out of, so ask yourself if you have the energy to spare and if you do, do you want to give him the freebie?  It seems like you are still raising the bar way too high for yourself.  You think you should be able to take it all on.  Take the beating, the hurt, the neglect and be strong enough to overcome it.  They say on that NJ commercial – “We are stronger than the storm”.  No, not really, the storm was stronger than NJ which is why they had to rebuild.  You are not stronger than the storm, you are the foundation and storms can destroy everything but the foundation.  NJ could rebuild on that foundation.  But, NJ couldn’t move out of the storm’s path.  You can.  It’s tiring to nail up all those boards in the windows then take them down only to do it all over again.  Be strong enough to view the storms for what they are and make the choice not to weather them.  Yet, be strong enough to have a little fun with the storms that allow you to get wet, cuddle in the dark with a candle, watch the lightening and listen to the thunder AND rebuild a little of this or that to make it even nicer than it was.

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