Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why it Doesn’t Matter When the Boy You Gave Your Number to Doesn’t Text

Alas, I did not hear from the cute boy I met on saturday night - the one who bought me a drink and I gave my number to his friend to pass to him - never got in touch. Rather than letting the instant feeling of rejection set in, I made a list of reasons why it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t text:

1) He spends the bulk of his time taking obnoxious selfies.
2) He is too busy taking care of his herd of cats to remember to text an alluring stranger.
3) His hair product causes short-term memory loss.
4) His girl friend who took my number has a secret crush on him and never passed it along.
5) He has issues holding a conversation with an awesome girl.
6) He’s gay. (let’s be honest, we all hope this conclusion is true when the admiration of a cutie isn’t returned).
7) Insert your theory here: ____________

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