Monday, December 2, 2013

Kids Waking Up at Night and Other Annoying Habits

I’ve been fighting an ongoing battle with Grace for the last few months to get her to sleep through the night.  From birth, she was an exemplary sleeper. Others marveled at my child’s ability to be on a schedule and sleep without the least bit of fuss.  Then, right before she turned 3, Grace started waking up at night, multiple times, every night. I am sure this is tiring for every Mom. Especially working Moms. And as a single mom, I can assure you, it is downright exhausting.

So last night, as she woke up and plodded downstairs in her adorable “footy PJs” and looked at me with her head tilted slightly downward and those big sad eyes, informing me of whatever was not quite right that was prohibiting her sleep (shadows, foot hurts, bunny feel on the floor - which is about 1 ft lower than her mattress), I met her cuteness with anger. How could she continue to wake up? How is she ever going to grow strong and healthy if she doesn’t sleep? Will she ever kick the cold that is currently plaguing her? Will this stunt her growth?  Will it stunt mine? Will I ever feel rested and sane again?

What I missed altogether from this cycle of sleep deprivation is to say thank you. Thank you that Grace is here to wake me up in the middle of the night.  Thank you that I am losing my sleep to such a worth human being.  Thank you for Grace.

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