Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creating an Opening

I’m still reading “It’s Just an F***ing Date” - and I will say it’s hands down the best dating advice I’ve ever read...and entertaining at the same time.

In the book, they make it clear that in their opinion, guys know they are supposed to ask girls out. So you shouldn’t have to ask out a guy out. However, they do encourage creating an opening (my phrase, not theirs, I can’t remember how they phrased it at the moment).  The example is something like “you don’t know this but a 5 minute window just opened in which if you ask me out, I am sure to say yes”. While I could never deliver that line in a bar face-to-face, I decided to try my own version online.

Though I have clearly been underwhelmed by the guys I’ve met on Tinder lately, I have been writing back and forth with a few guys who I would like to meet in person, but they haven’t asked yet.  One lives in the next town over, oversees construction project management, and looks super cute in his photos :) We’ve emailed back and forth for over 2 weeks and no ask...though he’s worked both weekends. I’ve noticed the conversation has slowed down so I wrote today and said “I know you’ve been busy overseeing your project lately. And I’m about to go to Florida to oversee the consumption of some fruity drinks on the beach for the weekend. But next week I am pretty sure I’m open for a cute project manager to oversee having drinks…”

I know, cheesy cheesy...but at least I made an attempt and can see how it is received.  There’s nothing to be lost, and perhaps some critical insight in how to refine my ‘game’ to be gained!

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