Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Date How You Want To Date

In the book, “It’s Just An F***ing Date”, they talk about dating how you want (apologies if this is not phrased correctly, I don’t have my Kindle in front of me).  

Last week I started texting with a nice guy on Tinder. It even turns out we have a mutual friend. He seemed pretty cool and asked for drinks early on buy didn’t set a date. Then he got around to setting a date but had to reschedule because his family came in to town (that was true though…) so we left it for either Sunday or Wednesday.

Despite texting all afternoon/night saturday, Sunday rolled around and no word. And here we are on Wednesday and no word. Even if we were to text at this point, I could not reasonably agree to get together because this is not how I want to date.  Thank you book for helping me fight the urge to drop him a line to confirm plans, and instead let it flow and let it go, knowing this isn’t how I (want to) date.

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