Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas thoughts ala David Sedaris style

Well, it's Christmas time again. As I observe all of the merriment and cheer, I wonder how much an airline ticket out of here might cost :)  I walk around contemplating the guys that treated me like I didn't matter and wondering if my mom even likes me.  How did I go from being so overwhelmingly thankful at Thanksgiving to feeling so blue at Christmas. I blame the merriment....and facebook.

Back on December 1, Christmas seemed like such a great idea. I couldn't listen to enough carols and took great care to buy gifts that would bring unlimited amounts of cheer to my loved ones. I over-splurged on my daughter again, but why should she have a sparse Christmas when she can be inundated by every form of toy a child could possibly own?

Three weeks later my ears start to twitch when more Christmas music comes on and I'm wishing someone would leave me alone with a pile of chocolate chip cookies and presents...along with a bottle of champagne.

Don't get my wrong, I will love watching my daughter open her presents and relish in her new found treasures. And, I love the way her eyes light up when she sees her family (she's still young enough that her eyes light up when she sees family, give it another 10 years and her eyes will be glazed over with teenage angst from family events).

Perhaps that best part of Christmas is my dog. More than any human, he loves unwrapping presents. But the brilliant thing about him is that he doesn't care what's inside, he just wants to unwrap. This year I think I'll wrap up a nice, new, empty box for him. I'll use extra paper to really get him excited.

I would hope for next year to get better but that seems like the old trick of setting expectations too high so I will hope instead that my ticker keeps ticking and my daughter keeps smiling and that will be enough for me.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :)

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