Thursday, December 4, 2014 last!

So lately I’ve been tearing up at random, unexpected times.  Little things pull at my heart strings and trigger emotion.  I knew something was sitting right under the surface but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ve felt lighter and better overall, so why was all of this emotion bubbling up to the surface?

It turns out - I’m grieving!  Apparently you have to get to a safe enough place to grieve. The increasing lightness inside has made room to grieve and, in turn, grieving creates more space for lightness.

I’m so happy to be grieving!  Each time something is triggered and I tear up, I can feel a piece of my grief break off and release. There is more space after.  I’ve wanted to let go so badly but it wasn’t happening - and it turns out grieving is how we let go. And as a culture, we try to do anything to prevent grief - but that’s the key to moving forward.  Piece by piece breaking off and being released.  Piece by piece….

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