Thursday, January 8, 2015

'Did Good Enough'

I wish I was one of those glamorous sick people who can take stunning selfies while in sweats.  But I'm not. I'm writing this blog post with a temperature, bad hair and a tissue stuck to my nose.

While home sick, my cleaning lady came and I asked her why my bill went up about 20%. She said she raised prices for the first time in two years. I explained it was a bit of a shock since no one's paychecks are going up 20% over two years but I could tell that she needed the increase and she said it was across the board for all customers.

However, during this she was acting like I was getting upset. Now, I have been known to occasionally get upset at vendors who were illogical or unhelpful in resolving an issue. But I was sure I was not getting upset.  I told her everything was fine and I would adjust my budget accordingly, but then I immediately wanted to seek validation that I wasn't getting upset, instead of just saying - she raised prices 20% on her invoice without giving a heads up and caught me off gaurd. 

Why do I always judge myself as 'could have done better' instead of 'did good enough'? Although I thought I was calm, even if she did not, it doesn't really matter. I did the best I could. You know for yourself when you could have done better and when you did good enough.

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