Monday, January 12, 2015

Three Types of First Dates

There are three types of first dates:

"The Dud" Date:  When you walk in and immediately realize this is not a person that you want to hang out with again. Be it human chemistry or an innate instinct, you begin eye-ing up the nearest escape before you can say 'My cat is sick!'

The "I'm Just Not that Into You" Date:  The other person seems nice and has qualities that you are looking for but something just isn't clicking.  You find yourself not feeling the need to bring your A-game, and ultimately, you just aren't that into them.

The "Wow, Cool" Date: When the conversation is flowing and the laughs are natural and at one point you look at the other person and think "Wow, this is cool"...and then cross your mental fingers that they are thinking the same thing!

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