Thursday, October 25, 2012


It’s a misconception that girl ‘let themselves go’ once they start getting comfortable with a guy.  We don’t ‘let ourselves go’ - they stop noticing!  You spend time getting all dolled up, you feel great, look great, and then...poof - not even the slightest acknowledgement.  you spend no time getting ready, throw on sweats, pull hair back and then...poof - not even the slighest acknowledgement. This translates to mean that guys don’t notice when we look pretty or not. The extra effort isn’t noticed or appreciated. It’s taken for granted.

After looking myself up and down, I gave the runner a ‘look’ and he said “What, do you need to put your coat on or something?” and I said, “No, I missed the ‘you look nice tonight’ comment’” and he laughed and said that goes without saying.  I grumbled, it really does not (go without saying).  So then he specified a few things that looked nice, which to be honest, I definitely did not think he even noticed.

Isn’t deciding something ‘goes without saying’ the equivalent of taking something for granted?  If you really appreciate it (i.e. don’t take it for granted), you pipe up and say something!

This lack of positive feedback has me in a rut.  I’m constantly saying positive things to him, meanwhile I feel like chopped liver.

Am I making it too easy for him to take me for granted?

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