Monday, April 15, 2013

Making a full recovery

I’ve finally made it out the other side of the stomach plague and am well on my way to making a full recovery, currently functioning at 90% which feels pretty awesome compared to last week!  I spent a blissful weekend with my high school best friend at a little inn in Amish Country, PA including a half day of spa treatments and a five-course meal at a fine dining restaurant. It was complete relaxation and I am starting this week feeling refreshed, if not a little famished from lack of food for the last 10 days!

Around course number three, I told my high school bestie that I’ve spent the last 2 years dating around, meeting many guy boys who were a lot of fun but now I realize that eye candy is a dime a dozen, as are bad husbands. Both readily available, neither of which I now have the time or patience for. I told her of my plan to back off dating for a while and she informed me that should she ever find herself to be single (she is a happily married mom), she would be too lazy to date, citing “I’d rather read and play video games.” To which I responded “Wait, what video games are you playing?” and she answered “None, that’s the problem!!”.  

On the topic of making a full recovery, I’ve received lots of positive support and encouragement for my new go-it-alone path a recovery in its own rite after years of turbulance and drama! To reinforce this even further, I came across the genius site called “” - specifically this post entitled “The Perfect Guy Douche” which outlines much of what happened with The Runner and is great validation for the fact I got stuck on the ‘perfect’ part and overlooked the ‘douche’ part.

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