Thursday, April 25, 2013


Apologies for the delay between posts, somehow life has been speeding up faster than I go!  Still keeping with my self-imposed nun-dom, I have been staying true to the ‘month of me’ and doing things that I enjoy. I thought this would be heart warming and rejuvenating, much like an episode of Oprah. But low and behold I found myself down in the dumps this week. If I’m spending my time solely on things I enjoy (excluding work), then how could I possibly have the blues?

After giving it some thought, I realized I still have the same story in my head that being alone equates to being unlovable. I’ve been feeling undesirable and well, like a downright loser deep down instead because I’ve been alone for awhile now. Odd to say but this is probably the longest I’ve gone without texting a boy (fess up, how often to you take a multi-week hiatus from texting the opposite sex?)  So although the evolved part of my brain is more fulfilled, more content, and very proud of me for spending some quality time with myself -- my deep dark insides still tell me it means I’m broken (or as Grace would say ‘bwooken).

Back to the hard work of rewiring what has been hardwired in for so many years and rewriting the story that I want to tell.  Good thing I have a blog to do just that!

What thoughts surprise you when you find they are hardwired in?

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