Monday, April 29, 2013

"Girlfriends high"

This weekend I celebrated my 34th birthday.  Hard to believe, I know. In fact, I’ve been contemplating beginning to lie and say I’m a mere 32 but given my journey is about self-acceptance that seems to be a bit off the path!

To kick off my birthday, I had dinner with four very dear friends from college.  To think, a few years ago the five of us would gather each week to watch The OC, fawn over Seth and Ryan and enjoy a veritable smorgasbord of Chinese food.  This year, as we all gathered at the table of a delicious french bistro, we sat down as working moms. Joking over the challenges that we face balancing the needs of head-strong toddlers with the needs of head-strong employers!  Underlying it all was a feeling of pride that we are ‘doing it all’.  It may not be easy and some days it may not be pretty but over pink champagne and french desserts, it certainly was rewarding and one day our kids will know how strong we are, that we made our own way and opened more opportunities for them.

After dinner we met up with some other friends at a bar for drinks and laughs. I spent the following day, the actual day of my birth, with my parents and Grace. A blissful day spent mostly outside, trying to fly a kite that said “for ages 9 and up” and we realized we may learn to fly by the time Grace turns 9. For now, we need to go with a simpler version!

I will admit, I had a few pangs of missing having “someone special” on my birthday but then when I looked around, I realized I celebrated in total with about 15 someone specials which makes me a very lucky girl.

One of the girls from college said it best, “I have been on a "girlfriends high" since the point where I didn't even have a case of the Mondays today.”

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