Monday, April 1, 2013

The sum is greater than the parts

Things that suck: 1) being stood up for a date 2) your sewer backing up in the front yard.  Things that don’t suck as much when combined together: Being stood up for a date you would have to cancel anyway because you can’t use the water when your sewer is backing up in the front yard.  Classic case of the sum being greater than the two separate parts!

I did have a match date schedule for tonight with a guy who seemed nice enough (though isn’t that how you always describe an impending first date?).  However, he mentioned he was going out saturday night and his destination is widely known as a date place (same place that I went on the first date with the Salesman!), so I had a hunch he was likely going out on a date. It is Monday evening tonight and we had previously agreed a venue for drinks but not a time and I have not heard from him since saturday so I believe this is classified under “stood up”.  Quite a relief though, as I just got done my first run in 4.5 months and I can’t take a shower until the sewer lined is fixed - funny how things work out!

I would like to state for the record though, that I have funny little OCD habits of putting things in a certain “right” order, for fear that putting them in any old chaotic order would lead to bad things happening. On the surface, this sounds irrational. However, I’ve held this “feeling” as a long-term belief.  Last night I relaxed and thought “everything is going pretty well” so I didn’t follow through with my specific ordering of things. Today I am stood up with a backed up sewer. Coincidence? Ok, you may be saying yes. But I am saying no!  

Most importantly, coincidence that it is the month of me and I don’t care one bit about the stand up?  Not at all!

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