Monday, October 7, 2013

Daily Playground

I haven’t been posting much since I have mainly been involved in the daily grind of things. But that’s just it - the daily grind. I go to work, in a negative environment where everyone is unhappy, come home feeling deflated and pick up Grace, who is a ray of light unto herself, but also very demanding and needy (rightly so since she is 3!). I go to bed shortly after she does and wake up to repeat the next day. I’ve been trying to focus on the positive points of light that that shine through (either the dark or sometimes just dreary or cloud day), but to be honest, the daily grind really wears me down. It takes away energy and motivation and gives little back.

So how do you turn the daily grind into a daily playground? How do you keep that fresh-eyed perspective that glowy people seem to have?  Working in a negative environment has been particularly challenging because my thoughts naturally react negatively to it.  So I decided that thought I immediately can’t change the environment, I can shift my perspective. I am trying to remember to consciously shift each negative thought onto a new positive path. Hopefully re-training my natural reaction to go from being negative to seeing the positive (or at the very least the humor!) in each situation. And we all already know this is the key to turning the daily grind into the daily playground.  Yet it is so hard to do!  What do you do to keep each day fresh and rejuvenating among daily pressures and demands?

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