Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Marathon of Charm

This weekend I have three (fake) dates lined up.  It is crazy how it is consistently follows a pattern of either pouring or a draught on the dating scene.  At least their is the reassurance or knowing that when there is a draught, it will poor again. And then it poor, a draught will follow with time to recoup.

#1: I was at a Festival in Philly on Sunday and saw a guy that looked familiar. After staring uncomfortably for a few minutes, I walked up him and said, “Is your name <X>?” and he said yes. I asked, “Did you work at TGI Fridays in Towson about 10 years ago?” (it was more like 13 but who wants to sound that old?).  His eyes got wide and he replied yes!  I informed him that we used to hang out years and years ago and he couldn’t believe his eyes!  We caught up for a few minutes and agreed to get together soon. He texted that night and asked me for drinks!  While this is clearly in the (fake) date, it would be nice to have a good guy friend to hang with sometimes.

#2: On Saturday I made plans to hang with Mr. Nice Guy.  I invited him because we always have fun and he is refreshing to be around. It is hard to describe exactly why, but he is very low drama combined with open honesty so it makes hanging out easy and fun.

#3: A couple of weeks ago I met a guy in one of my fav Philly spots. He and his friend approached my friend and I. We talked for a while - he was the first guy I’ve met in a long time who I wanted to extend the conversation with. We left in a sort of awkward manner  (in a big group goodbye) and he didn’t ask for my number, and I didn’t think he really had a chance. Since I am rather blase about dating prospects, I took a risk and googled his friend (who has a european name and runs a start up in Philly...not that hard to find). I emailed his friend and politely asked if he would pass my number to his friend.  I received a text from the guy of interest within an hour.  After a few weeks of missed timing and a bit of flakiness, he informed me yesterday he got a job offer in Madrid and said we should get drinks soon (he will hereby be known as Mr. Madrid)  I wasn’t sure why Mr. Madrid would still want to get drinks (worst/best case he will be annoying and he will move to Madrid and I'll never seen him again. Best/worst case he will be really cool and he will move to Madrid and I'll wish we could have hung out again). He persisted and asked to meet for drinks on Monday night so I agreed (against my better logic).

I am gearing up for a ‘marathon of charm’ that is in reality an exercise in ego boost (since there doesn’t seem to be real potential with any of them). I’m already doing my stretches, picking out outfits and getting my beauty rest to prepare for the marathon. Luckily I have highlights scheduled on Friday so I should be polished and pretty to kick off my weekend of drinks! 

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