Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pulling It Together and Falling Apart

On Friday, I had enough of the Waiting Game and pushed the envelope a little with TGI Friday’s to get a better gauge of what was going on. Though he said he wanted to hang out again, he did nothing to follow up and it became clear that one way or another he isn’t up for what I was hoping for!

I deemed Friday a pajama day since I work from home every Friday and have the luxury of staying in my pajamas - I really wanted a date to mope about 3 dates come and gone and to process a semi-traumatic event at work which I won’t dive into right now.. I stayed in my PJs straight into the evening and back to bed (you may think it is gross, but once you try it, it is pretty awesome).  By Friday evening I was in my PJ’s watching Will & Grace when I texted a couple of close girlfriend announcing I must be the president of Loserville. Much to my amusement, they wrote back saying that is what they categorize as a good night and one asked what channel Will & Grace was on so she could tune in!

Sometimes I feel like I’m pulling everything together and sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart - sometimes in the same day.  

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