Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Love My New Job

I absolutely love my new job. Granted, it has been a week and two days which you may think is too early to judge, but at this point in my last job I was already miserable and it was evident it wasn’t a fit.

I have a big office where one wall is all windows. Because of the draft, my office is cold so I have an illegal space heater. Read: TONS of natural light along with the ability to keep the temperature at an even 80 degree all day. Heaven!

The office is sort of in a corner, a little off the beaten path so it is very quiet and calm. When I walk in my whole body says “ahhh” and I sit down and feel relaxed.

A short walk outside of my office lands me near some very happy, content and upbeat people. Not to mention fellow Villanova basketball fans!

For these reasons, I already love my new job.

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