Thursday, January 3, 2013

Apsiring Actor gone wrong

As midnight struck and 2012 came to a close, the new year promptly brought a new character: The Aspiring Actor.

On New Year’s Eve, I met an Aspiring Actor who lives in LA and was in town visiting friends for the holidays.  With flawless skin and a penchant for hair product, he chatted and chatted until I literally could not stay awake.  I unwittingly gave him my number, more because I felt rude saying no (which is exactly what I’d be doing all night long), and because he is a friend of a friend, so it’s harmless right?

The next day I receive an overly flirty text (though I never once flirted!) referencing the next time we hang out (which I never agreed to) and the possibility of more happening (WTF!!!)  It took me 24 hours to craft a politically correct response that would be less offensive than my usual blunt honesty since he knows my friends.  My eloquent reply was “maybe our signals got crossed, I’m not looking to hang out right now”.  Ok, fine, maybe it wasn’t that eloquent. But if you read his text word for word (which I would have posted, but my mom reads my blog), you would be equally as shocked that anyone could possibly think this level of cheesiness works on any self respecting girl.

Case opened and closed on the first new character of the new year.

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