Friday, January 11, 2013

Thanksgiving and heavy hearts

That phrase caught me this week as it reminds me of what’s going on. Looking around at all of the things I have to be thankful for. Starting to see that maybe life isn’t as scary as I’ve been seeing it (though still having my daily morning panic attacks).  But also still unsure, unsteady.

I spoke with many of the sages in my life this week. If you are gonna work on worthiness, may as well pull out all of the stops, no reason to only go half way!  Here are a few of the insights gleaned as the work week is wrapping up and the weekend is about to dawn:
- Learn to validate myself.  I was disconcerted by the amount of energy I’ve spent worrying about what others think. It dominates so much of this blog it is embarrassing. Instead of wondering if I’m right or wrong, crazy or sane, it’s time to know that I’m enough.  What I’m thinking and feeling is ok. It’s me. It’s valid. It doesn’t matter what others think, it matters if I’m being true to myself.  I love Brene Brown’s tag line in Daring Greatly “It's not the critic who counts”.
(Here’s a fast and easy trick to knowing if your thoughts are fact or fiction: if it comes from a loving place, it is you, it is a fact. If it comes from fear, it’s a feeling, its temporary, it is fiction.)

- Stay connected.  Though I frequently feel isolated, the truth is there are many, many wonderful people supporting me. I may be crumble but they still hold me up. I can’t thank those people enough (many of whom are likely reading this now!).  THANK YOU!

- Stuff happens. Stuff happens & I’m ok. Stuff happens & I’m ok. I don’t give myself credit for any of the good things in my life (kid, dog, car, house, family, friends, etc) but I certainly take the blame for everything that goes wrong (it’s raining today, I must have committed a cardinal sin!)

- Know what you deserve. Ask for what you want. Don’t apologize. Enough said. Luckily I had a friend who has perfected this art and she’s teaching me!

All in all, a good end to the week before a bustling weekend and busy week follow.  I hope this blog post finds everyone well & on an upbeat as we close out a long, cold week.

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