Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just ask!

I was left wondering what exactly The Teacher meant when he said I didn’t look like my pictures on match. Was he ready to bolt? Why did he stay for the rest of the date if I didn’t look like he thoughts? Why would you even make that comment to someone?

Little Buddha (my trusted adviser) suggested that I use this opportunity to ask. Since, historically, I’ve had trouble finding the confidence to ask when there was an answer I was hoping to find. So in the spirit of courage (and having nothing to lose), I texted The Teacher last night and said “I have a question - what did you mean when you said I don’t look like my pics?”. As my phone notified me of an incoming text from him, my breathe caught, scared I would open the screen to find a cutting remark about how my skin isn’t clear or my hair isn’t nice or a whole slew of other negative personal image remarks that girls make to themselves.  I forced myself to open the screen to reveal....”haha not a bad thing at all. you look great. you have more cheek in your pictures.”  Whew. That’s good to hear.  I have no idea what “more cheek means” but I’ll take it as a compliment either way.

Next time I want to know something, I need to remember to just ask!  And not shirk away and then ruminate over it for 24 hours!

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