Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Presidents Day weekend surprises

I went out with a new girl friend Saturday night. We haven’t hung before so I was a little nervous about making conversation for an entire evening. As it turns out, we hit it off right away. We had so much fun swapping dating stories, eyeing up boys in the bar and we even met a few boys (that we promptly tossed back!).  After meeting her the first time, I had set her up with a good friend but after a few dates it fizzled. So this time, she set me up with someone she knows - an ex-professional soccer player from England!  Hereby known as “The Soccer Player”. He texted and called the day after he got my number. As I answered, I could only imagine the dreamy soccer player matching the hot British accent on the other end of the line.  He asked me out for tea, with the date to be determined. He called again last night but I didn’t take the call, I was tired & chatting with a stranger is hard work!  My friend thought I might like The Soccer Player because he’s “available” (i.e. he texted and called the day after getting my number).  Great distraction and you never know what else.

Meanwhile, The Teacher asked me to hang out next weekend. He asked on a Sunday for the following weekend, so I said yes. It meets all of “The Rules” requirements (i.e. you need to be asked out by Wednesday at the latest).  Also, at this point it is just a friendly thing as I still don’t get the impression he’s priority is dating.

All in all, quite a surprising end to a long holiday weekend and happy to have a few things on the horizon for the upcoming week or so!

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