Monday, February 11, 2013

Meeting The Teacher

After nearly a month of emails, texts and phone calls, I finally met The Teacher in person on Saturday night. We had dinner at Susanna Foos, one of my favorite restaurants. He is a very nice, good hearted person. He is a little geeky in that endearing way. However, I have no idea what he is thinking!  Shortly after we sat down, he said “you don’t look like your match pictures. They were taken further away”.  How do I respond to that? I’m pretty sure I turned bright red and said that I was tan in the ones that were the summer but pretty much look like the one that was taken on New Years. He said “I think they were taken from a cell phone.”   Ouch, harsh!  He didn’t frame it like “you are much prettier in person”, he just stated the facts and moved on.  Part of it is his way of speaking, very frank & honest but without judgement.  Doesn’t make it any less harsh though!

There was zero flirting or any date-like banter. The night ended with an awkward hug (that I had to initiate because it felt weird just to wave and say goodbye as I headed to my car).  It felt more like dinner with a friend. Maybe that was what it was supposed to be, I don’t know. Either way, it was nice to meet him in person and he’s certainly engaging (I didn’t get bored, which is more than I can say for most dates).  But, I don’t have a feeling this is going somewhere other than possible friendship.  Last night we were texting a bit and I said I was going to go to bed, have a good night. No response. I would like to date someone who at least writes back and says good night. Niceties are...well...nice!

So I’m feeling a bit deflated. I’m getting zero traction on match. After The Runner, I’m paranoid no one is interested in me because I’m a single Mom. And after The Teacher, I’m paranoid no one is interested in me because I’m not very attractive. All in all, it’s a bit depressing.  On the positive side, more time to focus on stuff I want to do and less energy spent on anyone else! 


  1. Your blog is refreshing to read. I feel like our paths are parallel at the moment. I too am newly divorced (although I do not have children) and our dating situations are frighteningly similar. I had no luck on match but did find a little luck on eharmony. I look forward to reading more in the future. Good luck to you!

  2. What a wonderful comment to receive, thank you so much! Feel free to add any wisdom you have learned from your dating experiences, collective knowledge is always better :)