Monday, May 20, 2013

Date: Navy Guy

“Until I meet someone who is better company than my dog, I am staying single” - me, May, 2013

On Friday night, I went out with a guy I met at Cinco de Mayo festivities a few weeks ago.  ‘Navy Guy’ (graduated from the Naval Academy and spent the next 12ish years in the military) is 2 years older than me, well dressed and good looking. After 2 weeks of nice texts, I was excited to meet face to face for a drink!

As we sat down, he shared various stories from the Navy that were new and interesting, as I don’t know anyone else who was in the Navy.  I marveled at how cute he was, with his hip hair and nice clothes.  It was off to a good start....or so I thought...then he moved from his commentary on the Navy to his friends to his divorces to his family - explaining his thoughts in detail - but not once asking a single question about me! He moved into politics and discussed his distaste for the liberals and for a bunch of policies that I zoned out, choosing instead to bop to the beat of whatever was on the jukebox at the time. The apex of the evening came when he was arguing a point in a conversation about going to Afghanistan and then flipped and made a completely contradictory statement. I asked “which point are you arguing?” and he said “I don’t know, I just like to argue”.  I informed him that, on that note, I had to get up early with Grace the next morning and needed to get going (although it was only 9:30 at night!). I can say that I did enjoy myself solely due to the fact I was wearing the new perfume that Grace (aka me) gave me for Mother’s Day and I could smell the lovely fragrance all night while I listened to his views on everything from politics to family to war to religion.

I sent him a text the next day thanking him for the drink and said that I didn’t get the feeling he was interested in dating someone right now (as generally when you are interested in getting to know someone, you ask questions about them in an attempt to actually get to know them!).

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