Friday, May 31, 2013

Lesson Learned: the Stove is Hot!

How many times to do you have to tell a child that the surface of a stove is hot before they learn to listen to you instead of touching it with their finger and then crying about it after?

Apparently when you are dealing with a 34 year old single mom - A LOT!  I gave into the ‘hot loneliness’ feeling and just wanted a distraction so I texted Hot Hair.  Again, I hear the sigh of disapproval from strong, independent women everywhere.

He didn’t text back on Monday, why would I have anything to say to him on Thursday?  In my defense, I’m a dreamer. Whenever I’m in a situation where I make the unwise choice, I hold out hope beyond hope that this time things will go differently and that dream of a better ending wins I send the unwise text.  Guess what - a hot stove is a hot stove, no matter how many times you touch it - it will burn you!

We exchanged a few texts and again, right in the middle of the conversation about hanging out, he just didn’t text back.  My cheeks were burning so bright red with embarrassment you would have thought I was a 5 year old who just came in from the cold after building a snowman in the dead of winter.  

I spent the rest of last night (and this morning) shaming myself for making such a rookie move and now looking like I’m ‘available’ to him at his whim.  That is not the case!  No matter how Hot your Hair is, next time I see you, you will receive the blow off that you justly deserve!  (side note: I was the one who blew him off last summer and again this spring, however i at least sent a polite text saying I was otherwise engaged...”no text back” is brutally cold!)

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