Friday, May 10, 2013

Wrapping up the Month of Me

As the Month of Me (loosely used, it may be closer to 6 weeks) wraps up, I can confidently say that my anxiety has singificantly decreased whereas my contentment and overall perspective have significantly improved.  So much so that I plan to extend the month of me for another month...or more.

In the beginning of ‘the month’, I second-guessed my decision to stay solo for a while because I thought this might be the first step down a long, worn path to becoming the old lady who lives with many cats.  So it was fitting when I came across this article today on the Huffington Post, “To Date or Not to Date”, that validates, if not substantiates the need for a Month of Me - and the extension of that month into a longer time frame!

I will admit that I was out at a Cinco de Mayo party last weekend and met not one, but two guys (go figure!). One I quickly ruled out as an all-of-the-time joker.  He seems like a fun guy but hasn’t said one ‘real’ thing yet. The other guy looks good on paper and has asked me out but hasn’t set a date. Although my overall plan is not dating...this guy seemed very nice and he has a sense of style (in the laid back cool way, not in the high maintenence metro way) - so I said yes to the date (pending he follows through). Either way, it’s still the Month of Me. I’ve just agreeing to a friendly conversation with a well-dressed guy!

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